Articles by Patrick Hynes

Good Economy, Bad Polls, What Gives?

The latest economic news is almost all good. The U.S. economy is presently in its fourteenth consecutive quarter of growth and it has created over 3.7 million new jobs since May of 2003. Unemployment is down to 5 percent, lower... Read More

The Nostalgia Party

There are the occasional Aha! moments in American politics, moments of mass clarity that require no spin, no explanation, they simply are. One such moment was Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's endorsement (since clumsily retracted) of Socialist Con Read More

The Trouble with Harry

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has embarked on a nationwide tour to argue against Social Security reform, especially President Bush's plan to allow younger workers to invest a portion of their income into personal retirement accounts. But Sen. Reid has... Read More

Why Not Sununu?

Every four years speculation bubbles that some New Hampshire politician or another might join the national ticket for one of the major parties. It has to do with the prestige of the Granite State's first-in-the-nation primary. In 1996, then-Governor Steve... Read More

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