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Sick and deadly disease control programs

If an accident kills wildlife or people, punishment is meted out and restitution made. A host of regulators, lawyers, judges, activists, journalists and politicians help bring the wrongdoers to justice. But when it comes to policies and programs that sicken... Read More

Mexico's Dead Capital

In one week, three news items helped clarify the intertwined issues of illegal immigration, poverty south of the Rio Grande, and how the fortuitous course of U.S. history generated opportunity and prosperity that remain elusive for our southern neighbors. Mexicans. Read More

Health in the Balance

News flash! New artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT drugs) will, and pesticides (including DDT) may, henceforth play greater roles in the global battle against malaria. Thus spoke World Health Organization and U.S. Agency for International Development off Read More

The Day After The Day After Tomorrow

What makes a horror movie so terrifying? It's not just the plotline, script and score. It's being in a dark theater, where everyone is just waiting to be scared half to death. It's the audience's willingness to suspend logic,... Read More

The Senate's Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs treaty) will soon become binding international law. The stage is now set for potential U.S. Senate ratification of a document that will allow U.N. and other international bureaucrats to implement futu Read More

Power to the People?

On January 22, Citigroup directors and executives fell all over each other, rushing to claim their Ethical Oscar from the radical activist group, Rainforest Action Network. Henceforth, promised Citi, it would dramatically scale back investment in developing countr Read More

The Unnecessary Scourge

"My friend's four-year-old child hasn't been able to walk for months because of malaria," Ugandan farmer and businesswoman Fiona "Fifi" Kobusingye says softly. "She crawls around on the floor. Her eyes bulge out like a chameleon, her hair is... Read More

Give the Gift of Life

During the recent holiday season, many of us were focused even more than usual on helping people and making the world a better place. Seemingly endless solicitations bid us to support causes that seem eminently worthy. Well-fed, safe in... Read More

Development Sustained

The UN's upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa at the end of August, begs an obvious question: what exactly is meant by "sustainable development"? An important new book sheds light on that question... Read More

The Slick Politics of ANWR Oil Exploration

A new North American Indian-controlled oil and gas drilling company was recently formed to provide oilfield services in northwestern Canada, adjacent to Alaska. The company will create investment and business opportunities, employment and training for tribal membe Read More

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