Articles by Paul J. Georgia

Storm Front

Does the greenhouse effect really work like a greenhouse? Does the average global temperature provide any meaningful climatic information? Is there even a theory of climate? These are some of the questions asked and answered in a new book, Taken... Read More

Cold and Calculating

The entire northern hemisphere was recently hit by a cold snap that had many people longing for the good old days of global warming. China, for example, experienced unusually high amounts of snowfall. Beijing, the capital city, received heavy snowfall... Read More

Global Warming Trends

Global warming has to be one of the strangest policy debates the country has ever seen. Sure there are always two or more competing sides, pandering, demagoguery and outright dishonesty in every policy debate. But in the case of global... Read More

Hard Science

In 1897, at the behest of a crank mathematician, the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill proclaiming that the value of pi was 9.2376 rather than the true value of 3.14159. In the face-off between man's laws and... Read More

IPCC's ex-"Political" Scientist

Environmental activists are attacking the Bush administration for orchestrating the ouster of an American scientist, Robert Watson, as chairman of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the supposed ultimate scientific authority on g Read More

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