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A Roving Mind

A day after announcing his resignation as White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove had a conversation with the media during which he revealed one of the reasons why the White House will miss him:Q Any few accomplishments... Read More

Unintelligent Intelligence

This past week, the intelligence community released the latest declassified National Intelligence Report (NIE) on terrorist threats against the United States. Its release and the coverage concerning it show just how unremarkable and anodyne NIEs really are. NIEs ar Read More

White House LOST at Sea

We are set to take a policymaking trip down memory lane with the Bush Administration urging accession to the Convention on the Law of the Sea in a recent statement made by the President on the issue. The Treaty was... Read More

What If Zoellick Picks a Fight?

Now that Robert Zoellick has been nominated for the Presidency of the World Bank—and given the near-certainty that he will be approved by the Bank's board—he will need to pursue a set of agenda items in order to change... Read More

Putting the Stain in Sustainable Development

In yet another act designed to engender outrage and disbelief among observers of the United Nations, the U.N. has allowed Zimbabwe to head the Commission on Sustainable Development. The U.N.'s acquiescence to Zimbabwe's bid shows just how dysfunctional the... Read More

Trading the Devil We Know...

There has been lots of noise recently about a new agreement reached last Thursday between the White House and Congress over the substance of future trade legislation. The new agreement guarantees that the White House will attach conditions to... Read More

Bob Gates and the Transformation Agenda

Curiously absent from the discussion of the Pentagon's post-Rumsfeld era is what views his successor, Robert Gates may hold regarding the issue of military transformation. Remember military transformation? It is what Donald Rumsfeld would have been known for had.. Read More

With Enemies Like These...

When it came to the subject of enemies, Voltaire had the best take on the matter: "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." Someone... Read More

Out of Many, Many

The issue of whether a partition or federalization plan might be implemented is currently being examined by the Iraq Study Group, co-chaired by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Representative and 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton. Initial new Read More

Big Oil's New Conspiracy

We have heard much in recent months about the plot by oil companies to gouge consumers at the pump. Now, I am writing to report another insidious plot on the part of Big Oil. They are scheming to lower prices.... Read More

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