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Necessary, But Insufficient

In the ongoing war against terrorism, there is a great deal of speculation about whether and when the United States will move to attack Iraq and institute a regime change by overthrowing the Ba'athist dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. The premise... Read More

You Say You Wanna Revolution?

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a tired and decaying government. Its failed domestic and foreign policies have brought international and domestic opprobrium upon the regime, and impel its swift overthrow. Iran's turbaned Torquemadas have isolated themselves by supp Read More

Goodwill Begets Goodwill

"Goodwill begets goodwill." That is a line out of the Inaugural Address of President George Bush the Elder, in 1989. President George Bush the Younger would do well to remember the wisdom of his father's statement in crafting his... Read More

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