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Noam Alone

Now that the United States is involved in a new and wide-ranging war on terrorism, the traditional opponents of any kind of American military action have come out in force. They denounce the war, and other aspects of American foreign... Read More

Of Devils and Details

The reports that the FBI and CIA thwarted a planned detonation of a radiological weapon by capturing a suspected al-Qaeda member at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, speaks well to the government's efforts to preserve homeland security. If the capture of... Read More

A Proactive War

The FBI has significantly revamped its guidelines to adapt to the war on terrorism. The new guidelines allow the Bureau additional latitude to monitor religious sites, informational institutions, and the Internet without having to gain evidence of potential crimina Read More

Into Iraq? Yes

The possibility that President Bush will push for international action against Saddam Hussein and his regime is welcome news to anyone who wants to see the Middle East made more stable and peaceful. It is also welcome news in the... Read More

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