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Next Time, Don't Blink

The saga of John Walker Lindh's legal battles came to an end last week with Lindh pleading guilty to two of the government's ten counts against him, and agreeing to serve what will probably amount to 20 years in prison... Read More

Reform Follies

Democrats and Republicans are agitating for new laws and regulatory regimes, claiming that such "reforms" are the only way to prevent future Enrons, Global Crossings, WorldComs and ImClones. However, this headlong rush for new regulations-in the midst of an electio Read More

School's In For Summer

Throughout the history of the battle over school vouchers, two primary obstacles stood in the way of their implementation across the country. The first was and is the obstinacy of the teachers' unions, which put the job security of their... Read More

A Just Peace

Immediately prior to President Bush's June 24th statement on the Middle East, the pundit class was almost unanimous in its belief-and in many cases, fear-that the President was prepared to call for an interim Palestinian state without any corresponding concessions. Read More

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