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Get Real

One of my favorite professors during college and graduate school was John Mearsheimer, whose famed "realist" worldview of international politics was - and still is - the dominant working theory designed to predict the workings of world politics. A clever... Read More

Nothing's Shocking

The admission this past week by North Korea that it has been developing a nuclear weapons program, is no surprise. And why should it be? The North Koreans are accustomed to the soft dealings and easy forgiveness that characterized American... Read More

A Political Cyber-Coalition

Blogging has been celebrated by various supporters and boosters as a way to gain access to information that is not filtered through Big Media, or perhaps does not carry the ideological biases that many people (both on the Right and... Read More

Out of Options

Can an action short of all-out war with Iraq solve the problems the United States has with that country? This question is at the heart of the current debate over Iraq. One attempt to avert war while putting muscle into... Read More

Be All, End All?

By rejecting the British and American plan for tougher weapons inspections in Iraq, the regime of Saddam Hussein dispelled any illusion that its earlier offer to readmit weapons inspectors was being made "without conditions," as was advertised by the regime,... Read More

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