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The Fairer Tax

We have some good news on the economic front from the Department of Commerce, which states that the economy grew 7.2% in the past quarter, far exceeding the expected 6% growth. If this degree of economic growth continues, the U.S.... Read More

"Americans Are Losing the Victory..."?

Many critics of the Bush administration's handling of post-War Iraq highlight their misgivings by comparing it with America's successful post-World War II occupation of Germany. But the occupation of Germany faced much of the same criticism as did the present... Read More

The Nobel Freedom Prize

Given the many times I have written in favor of reform and liberalization in the sociopolitical environment of Iran -- both in articles for TCS, and on my own blog -- you can imagine my delight when I found out... Read More

Missing Out?

We are already beginning to see how nanotechnology can revolutionize our lives in the near future. It could serve as the means for fighting the flu virus. Nanotechnology could help produce devices that could either fix or clone themselves, making... Read More

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