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The Next Litigation Battleground

As blogging has grown, so has its capacity to attract negative attention to the activity, and to those who participate in it. From the earliest nasty exchanges in USENET discussion forums to current flame wars between blogs on various issues,... Read More

The Missing Link?

This past weekend, writer Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard came out with a blockbuster article that was based on a leaked memorandum directed to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and ranking member Jay Rockefeller from Undersecretary of Defense Read More

The Rt. Honorable Blogger

On Wednesday, November 5th, blogger and American Rhodes Scholar, Josh Chafetz posted the following statement on his blog:   WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO??? So, tomorrow night is the Oxford Union's debate on Iraq, with the resolution... Read More

The Politics of Rage

Some time ago, TCS contributor Megan McArdle, writing as the pseudonymous "Jane Galt" on her blog, came up with "Jane's Law." The law states the following: "The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of... Read More

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