Pejman Yousefzadeh: March 2004 Archives

On the Question of Foreign Support

MADRID, Spain -- Still stinging from his party's defeat at the hands of the Socialists, Spanish Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy is seeking to rally supporters in advance of upcoming political confrontations with the ruling Socialists, led by Prime... Read More

Discourse and Double Standards

Noam Chomsky is often accused of being eager to criticize the United States for its perceived and alleged misdeeds, while being unwilling to criticize the very real misdeeds of others. Chomsky's answer to this critique is typified by his... Read More

Bumper Sticker Moralities?

The residents in my apartment building all have assigned parking spaces, which means that whenever I go to my car, I see the same cars around me. One truck that is parked near my four-door car has a bumper... Read More

Linguistic Crimes

In an online chat with readers of The Independent (the transcript of which is reproduced here), a reader asked MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky whether anti-Semitism is "on the increase." Chomsky's reply was as follows: In the West, fortunately,... Read More

Fumbling Federalism

Whatever one's view of the propriety of same-sex marriages, the Bush Administration has not helped in resolving this issue by proposing a Federal Marriage Amendment that would prohibit same-sex marriages across the country. The proposition of such an amendment... Read More

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