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A Man for Others

When former Phoenix Cardinals football player Pat Tillman was offered more money to play for a better team (the St. Louis Rams -- a perennial favorite for the Super Bowl) he did the only thing that came naturally to... Read More

Godot Won't Show

In the past, our approach to bringing about peace between Israelis and Palestinians resembled the play Waiting for Godot. But now, new thinking is being attempted in the pursuit of peace. Although American policy itself has not changed, policymakers... Read More

The Blogosphere: All Grown Up Now

Recently, two bloggers on the left side of the political divide made disgusting and appalling remarks regarding the recent death of American contractors in Fallujah. One blogger was Nathan Newman, who called the contractors "mercenaries," and "rent-a-soldiers" and Read More

The Democratic Contagion

The war in Iraq continues to be a favorite whipping boy for pundits of all backgrounds. Richard Clarke's remarks before the 9/11 Commission regarding the war have only added fuel to the debate over whether the decision to go... Read More

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