Pejman Yousefzadeh: June 2004 Archives

Still a Small "D" Democrat

The New York Times's David Brooks points to an alarming lack of concern on the part of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry for the cause of democracy and human rights in Cuba. In discussing whether he would support the... Read More

What Academic Freedom?

Do you know who John Yoo is? Click here and you will find that Yoo is a well-respected legal scholar with a rich professional background. He has worked in a number of high-profile legal positions in the Justice Department... Read More

The Press and the War in Iraq

The debate over media bias has reared its head yet again -- this time regarding press coverage of the war in Iraq. Some argue that the media is not covering the good news that is occurring in Iraq, and... Read More

The Liberator

In 1917, with the advent of the communism in Russia, Vladimir Lenin and his coterie of thugs, gangsters and murderers could perhaps have been forgiven for having thought that no earthly power would deny victory to the ideology of... Read More

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