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It's "America" Not "Amerika"

Let's put a silly myth to bed, shall we? Contrary to what some believe, American politics is not devolving into a state of fascism. We read and hear warning cries alerting us to the supposed incipient fascist threat quite... Read More

Stopping the Backsliding

One of the Bush Administration's most pressing foreign policy concerns is the state of the democratization movement in Russia. The movement has seen better days, to say the least. From the decision made by President Vladimir Putin to prevent... Read More

Bitterness Abounds

Everyone has heard the old story about the candidate for public office who comes to meet his supporters on election night. Things have not gone his way, his opponent is the clear victor, and while the losing candidate wants... Read More

Misreading the Tea Leaves

We aren't arguing anymore about who we should have as President for the next four years. Instead, we are arguing about the significance of President Bush's electoral victory. And we are having this argument because many of President Bush's... Read More

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