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Russia's Bad Gaz

Recently, I wrote on the danger of Russia's potential political backsliding into a new era of authoritarianism or totalitarianism. Political backsliding remains a concern for those of us who are interested in the spread of freedom and liberalization in... Read More

Searching for the Next Chief Justice

Recently, blogger and Yale law student Will Baude wrote a piece for The New Republic on how the Bush Administration might conduct a search for a nominee to replace Chief Justice William Rehnquist should Rehnquist want to retire due... Read More

Keystone Kops

Whatever one's preferences in the Presidential election, it seems clear that George W. Bush's political team was far more skilled and competent than John Kerry's. This is evidenced by Bush's win, of course, but a detailed inside look at... Read More

Fumbling Federalism (Part Deux)

We've previously seen the Bush Administration's lack of devotion to the principles of federalism in the debate over the Federal Marriage Amendment -- which proposed to constitutionalize the precept that in all fifty states, marriage should be limited to... Read More

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