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Who You Gonna Call?

In response to the massive costs associated with the post-Katrina recovery effort, the Blogosphere has started the Porkbusters campaign to get rid of excess government waste. The linked webpage allows for viewers to learn more about the campaign, track the... Read More

No Solons, They

By most accounts, John Roberts dazzled at his confirmation hearings this past week. The Washington Post endorsed Judge Roberts's confirmation and Post editorial writer David Broder called the Judge "obviously -- ridiculously -- well-equipped to lead government's th Read More

The Press Gets Backbone. Does It?

One of the silver linings sought in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is the hope that somehow the hurricane -- and the response to it -- have taught the press to "regain its spine" in questioning public officials over failures... Read More

Trojan Disasters

In the wake of the awful calamity wrought by Hurricane Katrina in both New Orleans and Mississippi, pundits have begun to put forth calls for bigger government to address future catastrophes -- whether natural or man made. Thus, E.J. Dionne... Read More

Privilege 101

One of the arguments that has erupted in relation to the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the United States Supreme Court concerns just how available his writings as a lawyer in the White House Counsel's Office during the Reagan... Read More

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