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Judge's Dread No More

As I write, it appears Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito will be confirmed. Despite the fact that he was not as charismatic and adept with the judicial soundbites as had been Chief Justice Roberts, Judge Alito convinced most that... Read More

Tony the Triumphant

Tony Blair, take a bow. Whatever the political problems you have faced personally with your support of the removal of Saddam Hussein from power, whatever the degree to which you have fallen out of favor with Labour Party activists thanks... Read More

The Permanent Campaign Is, Well, Permanent

A funny thing happened to the Bush Administration in 2005. It forgot the basics of politics today. Fresh off an impressive re-election, President Bush and his political advisors seemed to think that they were entering a period when playing politics... Read More

A Roadmap for Victory

Now that the Iraqi people have once again defied expectations by participating in yet another successful election, it has come time to determine how best to proceed in the next phases of reconstruction. The challenge in planning the next phase... Read More

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