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Judge Dred?

Ever since the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down a state anti-sodomy statute, the issue of whether American courts should rely on foreign law has garnered much attention in legal circles. Readers familiar with the majority... Read More

A Victory for Xenophobia

Alas for Robert Green, his eminently sensible article concerning the benefits of the Dubai Ports World deal came too late to save the deal from destruction. The negative consequences of this descent into unthinking nativism, protectionism, and the placement of... Read More

McCain v. Clinton Is No Done Deal

These days, it's easy to assume that John McCain and Hillary Clinton are fated to face one another in the general election for the Presidency in 2008. Each is the biggest name among potential Presidential aspirants in their respective parties.... Read More

FDR's Revenge

Conservative columnist John Podhoretz would like to support the Bush Administration. Indeed, it appears that he does. But recent events have left him an unhappy camper: "The more we learn about the Dubai ports deal, the less worrisome it seems.... Read More

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