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Fusion Energy: Europe's New Holy Grail? (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1... Not all senior physicists believe an early breakthrough in fusion energy is either possible or, given the prevailing global economic conditions, even viable. And when Professor Dunne, director of the European HIPER project gives us an... Read More

Fusion Energy: Europe's New Holy Grail? (Part 1)

A long-standing joke among physicists is that a breakthrough in pursuit of the holy grail of fusion energy is 'always just around the corner'. In October scientists in Europe formally launched the latest fusion energy project the High Power Laser... Read More

Teen Wasteland

Teenage Wasteland Why the kids in "progressive" Western cultures are not alright. by Peter C Glover I don't think self-destruction was quite what Pete Townsend had in mind when he penned the phrase 'teenage wasteland'. As it turns out,... Read More

Green Hypocrisy at 30,000 Feet

They sit in economy class occasionally wiping their clammy hands. Their eyes dart furtively about. They wonder whether the stewardess or passenger next to them might have become suspicious. Some even grow moustaches or beards - to cover the 'giveaway'... Read More

Prison Break?

British prisons are, once again, bursting at the seams. While the Home Office is doing its best to accommodate "future bookings" (8,000 new places), humans rights activists and prison reformers have mounted a concerted media campaign over recent months aimed... Read More

Photoshop of Horrors

The recent discovery by the Blogosphere that Reuters had doctored a photograph taken in Beirut throws the spotlight once more on the thorny issue of ideological bias, intentional or otherwise, in the mainstream media (MSM). By refusing to investigate the... Read More

Crackberry Crunch

When the state engineered new product manufacture controls I knew my days of (occasional) Liquid Paper and felt-tip sniffing were over. I let that one go. But the growing belief that most of us may soon need rescuing from our... Read More

Inherit the Wind?

Anyone flying over the Scottish coast in the next few years might be forgiven for thinking that the land mass was taxiing for take off. Such will be the profusion of 400-foot-high wind turbine propellers on view if proposals to... Read More

The Constant Pardoner

The minimum five-year sentence for convicted pedophile Craig Sweeney has deepened the public's crisis of confidence in the British criminal justice system -- and stirred the government into pledging a 'sentencing review'. But while the mother of Sweeney's three-yea Read More

Celsius Rising?

Celsius is a revolutionary new drink about to the hit the soft drink shelves at a store near each of us. Why revolutionary? Well in the very act of consuming its 10 or so calories the body will burn up... Read More

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