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The Opportunity in Haiti

Over the last 60 years the West has provided Haiti with massive foreign aid to build infrastructure, stimulate private investment and promote good governance. But Haiti has been the graveyard of every sort of notion about how wealthy countries can help poor countri Read More

The Risks of Soft Partition for Iraq

There is rising support, led by Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden, for a "soft partition" of Iraq into what he calls a "federal Iraq." As this idea is moving to the front burner of political discourse, it is important... Read More

How Stripping Spreads AIDS

At the most recent G-8, one of the few substantive outcomes was the commitment to increase funding for AIDS to $60 billion. Before the Summit, President Bush announced his plans for a doubling of AIDS funding for, mainly, Africa.... Read More

The 51st State

Writing in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Julia Sweig, the Director of Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, argues that the conventional wisdom that "Without Fidel's iron fist ...the long-oppressed population would overthrow Fidel's rev Read More

The "Next Big Thing" for Global Business

Exactly a century ago, Cemex became the first Mexican cement producer. In 2000, Cemex became the largest cement producer in the world beating out France's Lafarge and Switzerland's Holcim. Although the Cemex market profile has changed over the last... Read More

More MacArthur, Less Marshall

In an earlier commentary on TCS I argued that what we did in postwar Japan has important lessons for what we do in any postwar enterprise including Iraq and Afghanistan. This generated a considerable number of comments from TCS readers,... Read More

The MacArthur Model

Playing to their historic strength, the Bush State Department released the latest statement on US policy for dealing with terrorism just after Labor Day. Entitled the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, it is being promoted by the Administration as an... Read More

When 'The Law' Means 'Corruption'

In December, 1989 the Armed Forces of the Philippines seriously threatened President Corazon Aquino in a coup, claiming she was corrupt and needed to be removed. The saintly housewife, affectionately called "Cory," led the movement that drove the corrupt dictator,. Read More

If You Can't Have Bread, At Least Have a Circus

Recently the front page of the Washington Post had a headline which said: "The Realities of Exporting Democracy, A Year after Bush Recast His Foreign Policy, Progress Remains Mixed." A week later in his State of the Union speech, the... Read More

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