Articles by Peter J. Wallison

Obama's Well-Aged Beef

The television images are striking. A handsome young candidate, an adoring audience, a beautifully delivered speech in which he offers to bring us together as a nation, and speaks of his "movement for change:" "I don't want to spend... Read More

A Lesson for Our Time

In August 1864, less than three months before the election, Republican leaders visited President Lincoln at the White House and told him that he had no hope of re-election. Their canvassing indicated that the country was so weary of... Read More

Is the War Lost? Three Inconvenient Truths About Iraq Right Now

Democratic Party opponents of the Iraq War are now deeply invested in a withdrawal strategy. They argue, as Harry Reid has phrased it, that the war is lost. But there are three inconvenient truths... First, one of the principal... Read More

'What If...'

Given the problems and US casualties in Iraq, polls show a large majority of the American people believe the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Yet, if we imagine what the world would look like today if Saddam Hussein... Read More

Assessing the Donaldson Era

The William Donaldson era at the SEC recently came to an end. Fittingly, it went out in a storm of controversy, as the commission's hasty effort to re-adopt a rule recently struck down by the courts brought bitter opposition from... Read More

A 'Common Sense' Dodge

In response to complaints from public companies about the cost of complying with the infamous Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the SEC and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) have both issued statements intended to improve the... Read More

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