Articles by Peter Nolan

"The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe"

Does Russia's confrontation with its European neighbors over gas exports signal a new cold war? During the early nineteen-eighties, the Reagan administration lobbied strongly against its NATO allies in Europe becoming dependent on gas supplied by the Soviet Union f Read More

Energy in the UK

With prices for oil and natural gas reaching record highs, the British government and Prime Minister Tony Blair have suddenly woken up to the fact that, for all its day-dreaming about climate change, it has no real energy policy. Now... Read More

Cold Britannia

As well as having their double-decker red buses and a Queen, we all know that the British enjoy nothing more than complaining about the weather, and moaning about how the forecasters never come close to being right. Environmentalists have now... Read More

One Flu from the Cuckoo's Nest

This August, the White House told the press that the President's reading list for his stay at his Texas ranch included the book, The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History by John Barry. The book... Read More

China Cashes In

An old Chinese curse declares, "May you live in interesting times". Last Thursday's announcement by the People's Bank of China that the fixed exchange rate between the dollar and the Chinese Renminbi will be abandoned could herald some truly interesting... Read More

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