Articles by Philip Klein

Rudy and the Borders

In the past few weeks, as hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets and competing legislation danced around Congress, Americans were reminded of how divisive the issue of immigration can be, and how elusive a compromise remains. Although... Read More

King George? King Abraham?

Recently, author and Time magazine blogger Andrew Sullivan has taken to calling President Bush "King George," because of powers he has claimed during the War on Terror. Anybody who draws comparisons between a monarch and a term-limited leader who is... Read More

Giuliani Time

In an essay[1] last week, Lee Harris argued that the looting of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was the type of behavior that should be expected of human beings when "civilized order collapses." But while it may be inevitable for... Read More

Rifts and the Right

In his call for more libertarianism within the conservative movement, Ryan Sager is right to argue that conservatives, "can't survive by religious extremism and tax cuts alone." But by the same measure, libertarians will make no progress with conservatives... Read More

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