Articles by Philip Levy

Trading Exaggerations

As the Bush Administration and Congress gird for battle this fall over four newly signed free trade agreements, one could be forgiven for thinking that these FTAs must be economically momentous to merit the looming conflict. But one would be... Read More

How to Let China Know We're Serious

           The burgeoning U.S. trade deficit with China has attracted bipartisan alarm on Capitol Hill this summer. Unsatisfied with the Treasury's more patient attempts at dialogue with the Chinese, pressure has mounted to t Read More

Who Likes Corruption?

Amidst all the salacious material emerging from the debate over whether World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz should stay or go, there is one curious and nagging point. Most of the coverage describes how Wolfowitz and his confidants have engaged... Read More

When Form Follows Function: China's Property Pangs

The People's Republic of China late last week gave private property equal legal status to state property. The 247-article law, not yet publicly released, was intended to bolster China's market reforms. This would seem to represent a landmark in... Read More

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