Articles by Philip R. O'Connor

The Human Calculus of National Security

Following the Democratic mid-term triumph, California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer told National Public Radio that the recent average daily loss of three military people in Iraq necessitated disengagement as soon as possible. Sen. Boxer has posed a fundamental quest Read More

When April Flowered

The climactic month of the 20th Century was April 1945. The war in Europe was entering its final stages. German armies were collapsing and by the end of the month Hitler and Mussolini would be dead. The magnitude of the... Read More

Take the Commander in Chief Test

As Washington pastimes go, Monday morning quarterbacking intelligence matters is overtaking second-guessing the Redskins. So now it's time for the rest of us to test our Commander-in-Chief decision skills. The Commander-in-Chief test lets you be the history maker. Read More

From Rome to Baghdad

Sixty years ago today Americans awoke to the news that Rome had been liberated from the fascists. The Allied Italian Campaign was, as Iraq is now, a separately managed conflict in a global war. In 1944, the enemy was... Read More

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