Articles by Pierre Bessard

When the French Play Budget

Parisian lawyer Mathieu Laine may not have overstated his point by much when he characterized France as "one big nursery" in his latest book, La Grande Nurserie. En Finir avec l'Infantilisation des Français (JC Lattès, 2006). What he had in... Read More

Swiss Missed Opportunity

Switzerland and the United States have long enjoyed mutual goodwill. A newly established Swiss-U.S. Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum should now strengthen those ties: The platform was recently set up by Swiss Economy Minister Joseph Deiss and U.S. Trade Repre Read More

Let the Saver Beware

Will Brussels bureaucrats ever let go of European citizens' financial privacy? If Laszlo Kovacs has his way, the answer is no. The EU commissioner for taxation and customs union wants to discontinue the "anomaly" of privacy for tax purposes.... Read More

Germany's Iron Lady?

If Angela Merkel's reputation as Europe's next Margaret Thatcher was already shaky, her "government program" for the 2005-2009 legislature ends all pretense. The conservative "chancellor-in-waiting" firmly establishes herself in a long line of barely closeted socia Read More

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