Ralph Kinney Bennett: September 2004 Archives

I Shoulda Had a V-8

In September 1914, just 90 years ago, the makers of a very good American car made a dramatic leap from good to great. That was when Cadillac, which had already established a reputation in the luxury field with its... Read More

Low Esteem? Or Contempt?

Dan Rather is hanging tough. "We stand by our" blah, blah, blah... We all know the drill just before the anvil drops. As in "He's the best manager this ball team's ever had and I hope he'll be around... Read More

All Night

I have always liked middle-of-the-night eateries -- little islands of light and warmth and coffee where insomniacs and travelers and those who work the "graveyard shift" can find a temporary home. One of the ornaments of civilization is an all-night... Read More

The City That Raised Itself From the Dead

This wasn't Galveston. Floridians were hit hard by Tropical Storm Frances, but at least they saw it coming. Back in 1900, the people of Galveston didn't. We'll get back to that later. In this day of Doppler radar, "hurricane hunter"... Read More

Will Wonder Bread Survive?

Wonder Bread is in trouble. Wonder Bread! The whitest of white breads. The iconic integument for billions of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The classic containment for camper pies. Interstate Bakeries Inc. (sounds like a name from one of... Read More

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