Articles by Raphael C. Rosen

The Imaginary 'Pink Tide'

The media's "socialist" label misunderstands Latin's America's new leaders; far more relevant than ideology are globalization, governmental incompetence, and populism. Part I of this two-part series considers the irrelevance of right and left characterizations in Read More

Torture and the Nation

BUENOS AIRES -- Across the street, rise the pristine white columns of the Navy Mechanics School. Here, during the Dirty War of 1976-1983, thousands of Argentineans were tortured. The majority never resurfaced, officially "disappeared," but in reality either machin Read More

Argentina's Ailment

The next president is the wife of a former president. Yes, their story is familiar by now. The couple met in law school. He became governor of a politically backwater state, before winning election to the nation's highest office... Read More

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