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Getting Tough With Terrorists Means Getting Tough With its Sympathizers

"We cannot fight a war without alienating the enemy and the enemy's sympathizers," former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy Richard Perle told Tech Central Station Host James K. Glassman in a prescient interview not long before... Read More

Wipe Out State Sponsors of Terrorism, Too

There is an air of Vichyite defeatism about some of the commentary in Britain on the current war on terrorism. We constantly hear the reiteration of such themes as "We don't know who the enemy is", "We don't know where... Read More

Patience a Virtue with Europe, New Ideas Will Take Time to Sink In, Perle Tells Defense Central

Defense Central spoke with Richard Perle as President Bush headed off on the last leg of his first presidential trip to consult with NATO allies and meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Defense Central: What should the U.S. read from Russias... Read More

New Weapon for a New World Order

How missile defense makes the entire globe safer The question is not whether a ballistic missile with a nuclear or chemical or biological warhead capable of killing hundreds of thousands of Americans will wind up in the hands of a... Read More

Rumsfeld and Innovation Bring Changes for Defense

In his March 19 Defense Commentary, Ken Adelman wrote, "Watch for real innovations and dramatic changes" from Team Rumsfeld. Four days later, the front page of The Washington Post headlined, "Rumsfeld Outlines Defense Overhaul." Defense Central immediately contacte Read More

To Chirac from the US army: We are staying in the Balkans

Press reports that the United States might reduce its presence in Bosnia over the next two years have produced hand-wringing among diplomats and hysterical headlines in the most unlikely places: "Bush pulls out troops as Balkans crisis deepens" is how... Read More

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