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Tony Blair and the Presidency of Europe

The putative candidacy of Tony Blair for the not-yet existence position of President of the European Union has raised predictable controversies across the continent.Since stepping down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, his legacy has been confused, giving su Read More

Poor Shimon Peres

Anyone with a keen interest in Israeli elections has a particularly satisfying hobby: they are not just interesting, but also frequent. The elections on 10 February were the 18th parliamentary elections the country has held in its 61 years of... Read More

Conservatives Abroad

Last month three senior members of the British Conservative Party's front bench traveled to Washington. This was widely seen as an attempt to repair relations with US President George W. Bush and his Republican Party, which had deteriorated badly after... Read More

Scratch-and-Win Politics

So another protracted event finally drew to a close last Friday. Millions of Europeans across the continent had their interest piqued and watched anxiously the goings-on that would affect their future. The tabloid and high-brow press competed with each other... Read More

'Nuts, Sluts and Losers' Grapple With New Media

Recent weeks have seen two spectacular downfalls in British politics, both of which have been marked by an excess of chutzpah. The tales are not of sex scandals and prostitutes, nor of arms deals and kickbacks. They are more mundane... Read More

After Sharon

In last Wednesday's Haaretz, political correspondent Yossi Verter noted that the re-emergence of corruption allegations against Ariel Sharon would not be enough to prevent him remaining Prime Minister. For this "Something very serious has to happen". That evening S Read More

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