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European Global Governance

Globalisation is usually seen as the expansion of the global market and particularly an expansion of the reach of large multi-national corporations. Many politicians and pressure groups argue that it is essential that global governance structures be expanded to ens Read More

The Peru Snafu

Last weekend, the Peruvian government, supported by the Pan American Health Organization, hosted health experts from across the region to "help accelerate access to HIV/AIDS treatment." Ironically, the Peruvian government, like so many in South America, is a major Read More

Paradise Lost

Grand Cayman - it's not often that one erroneous idea in a novel has an enormous impact on so many livelihoods. Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" has unfairly undermined the use of DDT for malaria control for decades, and probably... Read More

Road to Failure?

The three-day G8 meeting of the major economic powers is over. President Bush barely spent 24 hours on the ground and British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared distracted for the entire time he was there. But at least Bush and... Read More

Science, Anybody?

When the British public recently voted Winston Churchill as the Greatest Briton Ever, it confirmed something we have long known: our achievements in mathematics, science and literature pale in comparison to the bristle of British bulldog tenacity. Then last month.. Read More

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