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Much Ado About Nothing?

The last year has been a bad one for future AIDS victims. The U.N. AIDS conference in Barcelona was an activist circus. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson was shouted off stage by activists, unable to complete... Read More

Storms on the Trade Horizon

'Climate Change has always been the implicit driving force in the trade and environment debate. From the EU perspective, the economic imperative to achieve WTO cover for protectionist actions, which might be taken pursuant to the Climate Change Convention, has... Read More

'Culturally Appropriate'

The priorities of famine relief would seem obvious to most of us. Yet it increasingly appears that only the naïve think that its purpose is first and foremost to avert starvation. At the World Food Summit in Rome last year... Read More

Progress Report

The farm reforms agreed by the Europeans last week 'gives the EU a very good platform in the WTO negotiations. The ball has now been played to the other WTO partners', claimed Renate Kunast, Germany's Farm Minister. Her claims are... Read More

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