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Africa's Pol Pot

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe -- As Zimbabweans prepare to go to the polls on Thursday and Zimbabwe receives global attention, if only for a few hours, it is important that the desperate HIV situation there is acknowledged -- if for no other... Read More

Capital Punishment

When I first visited Zimbabwe in 1996, $1US would buy about $8Zimbabwe (Z$8). When I was there last November, $1 would get you Z$7000 at the official rate, but Z$12,000 when traded on the black market (with those desperate to... Read More

'Life Is Too Short Here to Worry About HIV'

Zimbabwe's rapidly escalating humanitarian disaster, which has manifested itself in chronic shortages of food, medicine, fuel, electricity and hard cash, has driven over three million Zimbabweans into South Africa, Botswana and other neighbouring states. Prior to t Read More

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