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Brazil's dangerous denial

When is a life-saving intervention somebody else's responsibility? From the example of Brazil, the answer seems to be: When it's expensive. Brazilian Health Minister Humberto Costa has declared that the price of a new anti-retroviral drug developed by Abbott Labora Read More

Putting Profits Before People

Last month the Kenyan government responded to pressure from its academics, AIDS activists and business leaders -- although, sadly, not the World Health Organisation -- and removed the 10% tariff on medicines coming into the country. This was welcome... Read More

This Is Getting Worse Than Darfur

As President Bush met five African leaders this week, one topic should have been at the forefront of the discussion -- Zimbabwe. Three of the leaders, from Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia, are from countries that directly border the despotic regime... Read More

When Bush Meets Blair

WASHINGTON -- Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, arrives in town this week to discuss the state of the world with President Bush. But it's someone not present in Washington that may determine the success of the meeting -- Blair's Finance... Read More

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