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Nuclear Explosion at Montreal

MONTREAL -- "This is a dirty filthy industry," screeched Elizabeth May, head of the Sierra Club of Canada. Her outburst occurred during a panel discussion devoted to nuclear energy and climate change at the United Nations Climate Change Conference at... Read More

TCS COP 11 Coverage: More Than One Best Way

MONTREAL -- A new consensus is emerging at the United Nations' Climate Change Conference in Montreal. Some participants are beginning to recognize that the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate Change (AP6) is at least part of the way... Read More

TCS COP11 Coverage: This Market Is Sending a Signal

MONTREAL -- "Environmental effectiveness and minimum cost are two core building blocks for any long term modern climate policy," declared Olivia Hartridge, a representative from the Environmental Directorate of the European Commission. She was speaking on a panel o Read More

The Age of Therapeutic Cloning Dawns

"Humankind has now embarked into the 'Age of Therapeutic Cloning.' This is a scientific revolution of the first rank," asserts Bernard Siegel, executive director of pro-embryonic stem cell research Genetics Policy Institute in a press release. "This is a huge... Read More

The Kyoto Protocol is Dead

BUENOS AIRES -- The Kyoto Protocol is dead -- there will be no further global treaties that set binding limits on the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) after Kyoto runs out in 2012. Under the Kyoto Protocol industrialized countries... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Can We Avoid 'Dangerous' Climate Change?

Buenos Aires -- "We must act sooner rather than later," declared Malte Meinshausen, a freelance climate consultant to various environmental activist groups. Meinshausen's presentation, jointly made with Bill Hare, the former climate policy director for Greenpeace Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Our Low Carbon Future?

BUENOS AIRES -- "To stop further damage to the climate we need a worldwide 60% reduction in emissions by 2050," declared British Prime Minister Tony Blair in February 2003. Setting aside the question of whether or not catastrophic climate... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Adapting to Climate

BUENOS AIRES -- December 13 - As the delegates from the European Union and the activist groups are celebrating the advent of the Kyoto Protocol, delegates here are beginning to realize that strategies aimed at mitigating projected global warming... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: Global Warming Negotiations Heat Up.

The Kyoto Protocol climate treaty comes into effect on February 16, 2005. Russia finally approved the treaty in October which needed to be ratified by developed nations that account for at least 55% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions... Read More

Transgenes Invade Mexico -- So What?

First, a mea culpa -- nearly two years ago I criticized activist scientist Ignacio Chapela for trying to alarm Mexican farmers about transgenic "pollution" of their local varieties of maize. At the time, I asked two questions -- is he... Read More

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