Articles by Ruslan Konstantinov

Sofia Snafu

If you think of the United Nations as the most useless and ineffective international organization of all, think again. Take the notoriously unproductive discussions characterized by the lack of any result; take the totally pointless expenses paid by the... Read More

Wall of Exclusion?

Just a few days after the start of the 2005 fiscal year, it became clear that the cap for H1B visas had already been reached. This means if a U.S. business finds a qualified professional who is not a... Read More

What Price Freedom?

Americans like to pick on the European Union for not letting Turkey in the club right away. Can't blame them -- Europeans have already had their share of didactic rhetoric aiming at the U.S.: GMOs, the Kyoto protocol, death... Read More

What About Freedom?

Polls show that Bulgarians strongly support their country's effort to join the European Union. This is striking when compared to the situation in the former communist countries acceding to the Union next year. Sure, Bulgaria's EU prospects are rather... Read More

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