Articles by Russell Roberts

Milton's Inner Fire

I last saw Milton Friedman a few days shy of his 94th birthday, just a few months ago. I was interviewing Milton for my podcast series, EconTalk. I hadn't seen him in over a year and I worried whether... Read More

Real Tax Cuts, Imaginary Analysis

The verdict is in on the Bush tax cuts: the rich are getting richer and the middle class is getting squeezed. Says who? The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, that's who. The findings were quickly covered everywhere. A few headlines:... Read More

It Ain't a Picnic

As the caisson carrying Ronald Reagan's casket moved slowly up Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol, some news stations let us watch in silence. Others filled the moment with talk about the man and his era. One theme that kept... Read More

The Arab Street and the Murder of Nicholas Berg

The events of the past few weeks in Iraq, culminating in the grotesque murder of Nicholas Berg, have left many of us with a bitter taste. The morality of our mission has been sullied by the vulgar inhumanity exhibited... Read More

More Than an Invention

Time Magazine has chosen the iTunes Music Store as the Invention of the Year. Invention of the Year? When you think of an invention, you think of the light bulb, the cotton gin, the airplane, the television, the transistor,... Read More

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