Articles by Ruth Kava

The Sweetener Lowdown

While love of money may be the root of most evil, when it comes to obesity, food ingredients -- especially those made in laboratories -- come in at a close second. (Just read the headlines). Witness the media hype around... Read More

30 Day McDiet: Results Are In

Over the past few months I've written several short commentaries on Morgan Spurlock's movie, "Super Size Me" -- the documentary about how Mr. Spurlock ate (or rather overate) at McDonald's for 30 days and gained upwards of 25 pounds. I... Read More

A Supersized Distortion

Morgan Spurlock wanted to be in a movie. And he was in a movie -- one he made himself -- which he then presented to the world at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. The subject of the movie was... Read More

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Anyone who reads health news or watches it on TV must surely be aware of the recent spate of reports on the increasing adiposity of the American public-by some estimates well over half of adults are overweight or frankly obese.... Read More

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