Articles by Salil Tripathi

Europe in Denial

It says something about the French president's priorities that Jacques Chirac stormed out of an important gathering of EU leaders discussing ways to make their economies competitive again, so that more jobs could be created, because a French speaker spoke... Read More

Guess Who's Coming to Merger?

Europeans claim to be fans of multicultural integration. But it is one thing to admire hummus or curry al fresco at an upscale restaurant in a European capital, and quite another to respond effectively to a foreigner who wants to... Read More

Is There a Place Called Londonistan?

LONDON -- Wary and slightly nervous, and yet stoic and phlegmatic, London continued to operate as though nothing much had happened, as another set of "incidents" paralyzed the city-center's transport network yesterday. Fortunately, there were no deaths this time, t Read More

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