Articles by Sascha Tamm

Let the People Decide

Advertisement bans have been popular with politicians in Europe, though their end may be drawing near. The Financial Times reported last month that EU Enterprise Commissioner G√ľnther Verheugen is moving ahead with plans to end the continent's draconian ban on... Read More

Don't Fear the Ukraine

In all his talks with EU officials and politicians of many European countries, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is pushing to start negotiations on the accession of his country to the EU as soon as possible. The formalized accession process, he... Read More

The Discovery of Ukraine

Only when the presidential election dispute had reached the streets of the capital Kiev and other major cities of the Ukraine did the European Union start to deal with the problems of one of the biggest nations of Eastern... Read More

Waiting for Putin

Many analysts are optimistic about Russia's economic prospects. They trust in the market orientation President Vladimir Putin's administration and the good economic performance of Russia during the last years. And they seem to be right. Since the financial crisis. Read More

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