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In Germany, a Plague of 'Locusts'

Now that the specter of American military hegemony has apparently worn thin, Germany's Socialists have rummaged around deep in their collective closet and dug out a bogeyman straight out of their dog-eared copies of Das Kapital to blame for the... Read More

"Otherwise, This Is Just a Success Story"

KABUL - It was a regrettably typical comment from an American reporter in this part of the world. "At least it's news," he said of the Afghan election scuffle over the weekend. "Otherwise, this is just a success story."... Read More

The Little Election That Could

KABUL -- The ballot is the size of a pair of placemats strung together. Some of the polling places are so remote they need donkeys to get the plastic boxes back to counting stations. There are 18 candidates on... Read More

Eurosceptics Rising

LONDON -- A pig farmer from Poland and a politically incorrect talk-show host in Britain have grasped what's clearly been lost on Europe's ruling elite: that average folks are in no mood for another centralized government telling them how... Read More

Happy Hippie Paradise No More

AMSTERDAM -- It's not quite terminal yet, but the great experiment in tolerance that has been the Netherlands since the 1970s is taking its last gasping, breaths. The country that became as famous for Thai sticks and call girls... Read More

Britain's Culture War

Following the arrest of eight British Muslims who were stockpiling ammonium nitrate with the apparent intent to blow up something of note, England's left-wing press has found the enemy and it is ... Britain. In a series of raids... Read More

Holidays in Hell

The Gitmo circus rolled into London last week on a Royal Air Force C-17, and the sideshow is proving anything but boring. Five Britons caught in Afghanistan during the war and held by the United States at Guantanamo Bay... Read More

Andalusian Dogs of War

Anyone who thinks Spain was targeted last week only because of its support of the U.S.-led war on terror is sorely in need of a history lesson. And if they believe that by pulling its troops out of Iraq... Read More

More Guns, Less Beeb?

For a group that holds itself up as champions of Democracy, Britain's chattering classes sure can get their knickers in a knot with the will of the people offends their liberal sensibilities. Case in point: a recent stunt by... Read More

An Evil Invasion!

LONDON -- "Devilish," screamed the headline in the Daily Telegraph. A "serious threat." A "stealthy" "blitz" on the United Kingdom that could lead to millions of deaths. An "evil" "invasion."   Are the English papers alarmed about terrorism? Drug dealers?... Read More

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