Articles by Sean Gabb

Cutting Classes

It is mid-point in the school examination season. The papers sit, scripts sent off for marking, nothing is left but to wait and see if the results "break all records" or are just "evidence of solid progress". And everyone knows... Read More

Hard Cases Make Bad Law

In 1989, Tony and Michelle Meadows of Southport in northern England borrowed £5,750 to pay for home improvements. They agreed to repay the loan over the next 15 years at a rate of 34.9 percent. They were unable to... Read More

Freedom of "Hate" Speech

Read the newspapers, and you'd think that persecution of Christians is something that happens in places like Pakistan and Indonesia. But in fact, it is happening right here and now in Europe. Ake Green is a Pentecostalist preacher in... Read More

Not Arrogance but Genius

When Tony Blair returned to London after signing the European Constitution, he was accused of arrogance by the leader of the UK Independence Party. There is truth in the accusation. After all, it is barely a week since the... Read More

Health Fascism

The UK's parliamentary Health Select Committee in the House of Commons has now reported on obesity. As expected, the report is a health fascist power grab. It is an impressive mix of junk statistics, unsubstantiated claims, generalizations from single... Read More

In Defense of Price Fixing

In February 2003, the Office of Fair Trading in London imposed fines of £17 million on two British retailers, Littlewoods and Argos. These are the biggest fines in the history of British competition law. The offense punished is that... Read More

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