Articles by Shawn Macomber

Democracy and Hope in Gaza

The howls of pessimism that followed the recent, first-ever, local elections in the Gaza Strip are certainly understandable. The interminable Israeli-Palestinian dispute has, after all, broken the hearts and taken the lives of many would-be peacemakers over the yea Read More

Work Week Tyranny

Socialist and communist lawmakers in France are introducing close to 130 amendments to block or water down reforms to the country's draconian labor laws, which currently make it a crime (with some prohibitively expensive exceptions) to work more than 35... Read More

"Beacon" of Hate

For all their bluster about simply wanting to remain separate from the Decadent West in general and the Great Satan in particular, the folks over at Hezbollah seem fairly miffed that the State Department has added the satellite television... Read More

Triumph of Pessimism Over Experience?

On September 11, 2003 the Jerusalem Post issued a bold editorial entitled, "Kill Arafat," declaring that the world had left Israel "no alternative" but to assassinate the head of the Palestinian Authority. "No one seriously argues with the fact... Read More

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