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The Art of the Hustle

NEW YORK -- If you haven't seen the Gates in Central Park, don't worry about it. You haven't missed anything. I saw them opening day, Saturday, and as expected I was very disaappointed. There they were, 7,500 metal "gates,"... Read More

Overcoming the Constraints of Sovereignty

A chief bugaboo in todays political discourse, and one that President Bush addressed forthrightly in his second inaugural speech, is the concept of sovereignty, a notion that has been analyzed since Hugo Grotius, the Dutch 17th century philosopher. Grotius set... Read More

Mumpsimus, Sumpsimus. And Dan Rather.

Erasmus tells the story of a semiliterate priest who, returning from reciting mass, is chastised by a visiting colleague for using the word "mumpsimus." "It doesn't exist in the language," his colleague explained. "The correct form is 'sumpsimus'." The... Read More

It's a Disgrace This Book Had to Be Written

It's a disgrace that this book had to be written. A disgrace because so many Americans -- and so many others around the world -- still cling to the notion that Stalin doesn't deserve the opprobrium that has been... Read More

Reform Follows Function

Last Saturday, a New York City police officer was lowered by rope to a window in a Harlem apartment house. Inside the window he could see a 425-pound Bengal tiger, an animal that -- along with an eight-foot caiman, a... Read More

Artists Without Pier

Two or three times a week my wife and I drive down the West Side highway to the Lincoln Tunnel for a brief sojourn in New Jersey, often as not to visit one of their super-dos to buy lower-taxed produce.... Read More

Passionate Intensity

Let's give the gay marriage dispute another six weeks to run its course and it will then be time to turn to the next controversy to blossom, which will be over "The Passion," Mel Gibson's movie on the last... Read More

A Singular Sensation?

After World War II some 900,000 Jews lived in the Arab world, most of them middle class, which in that time and place meant servants, a fine apartment or house, good restaurants, a rich cultural life. Some of them were... Read More

Whitewashed Reds

Editor's note: In the tenth paragraph, the name 'Alan Feuer' was inadvertantly substituted for 'Alfred Bernstein'. The column is herewith corrected and republished. Jay Nordlinger, Managing Editor of National Review, in the course of his review of Mona Charen's... Read More

The Market for News

"Checkbook journalism." The phrase reeks of sleaze and unethical behavior. The stench sends the optimates of journalism - in newspapers, TV studios, and the halls of academe - to holding their noses. How dare a person in the media pay... Read More

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