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Breaking Barriers to Competition

Recently, legislation was introduced in both the Senate and House to spur communications competition by encouraging the entry of telecommunications firms into cable markets. While technology already is driving change in the sector, the benefits can't be fully reali Read More

Open Source, Mugged by Reality?

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Open Source Business Conference held this month in San Francisco was chock-full of information on how to make money using open source software. Once a bastion for socialist thinking, the open source (OS) community is finally... Read More

The Valley Edge

In preparation for the Presidential election in November, a group of Silicon Valley's most influential entrepreneurs gathered in Redwood City to hash out the pros and cons of George Bush verses John Kerry. The debate, heated at times, revealed... Read More

Trekking to a Deeper Understanding of Human Nature

The TV series Star Trek recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, prompting some to marvel at how real-world technologies have caught up with science fiction. But aside from outlining gadget concepts, Trek contains important lessons about capitalism and freedom. C Read More

Tech's Immediate Future

The Department of Commerce recently reported that "U.S. IT producers remain the most competitive in the world." This is good news for the moment, but many, particularly in Silicon Valley, are wary about the future. Eavesdrop on conversations at... Read More

Is Friendster the New TIA?

The idea of centralizing data to find patterns and links among people is no longer limited to governments or corporations. Individuals are now getting into the game with "social networking" web sites, the hottest thing in Silicon Valley. Friendster,... Read More

It's a Spammer's World, After All

For only $19.95 a month, one can join an online club populated by individuals who, as many believe, make up the seedy underbelly of the Internet. No, it's not a club for pornographers or hackers but a support group for... Read More

Moore's Law Meets Evolution

This month, Ernest Hemingway's grandchildren settled a dispute over the estate of the writer's transsexual son Gregory, averting a ruling from a judge on whether Gregory died a man or a woman. Although this seems a bizarre case, it is the... Read More

Is Arnold Good for Silicon Valley?

The political theater produced by California's recall election is fitting given that one of the serious contenders to replace Governor Gray Davis is a Hollywood mega-star. Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for hi-tech movies such as "Terminator" and "Total Recall," b Read More

Options for the Future

At a recent speech before the National Press Club, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, William Donaldson, was asked if he agreed with his boss President Bush that employee stock options are not an accounting expense. Donaldson said no, and this... Read More

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