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A Classical Liberal View of the Iraq War

 Citing public opinion polls and Congress's vote to require a timetable for the United States to leave Iraq, conservative stalwart commentator William F. Buckley recently suggested that the very existence of the Republican Party is at state.   This... Read More

Whatever Happened to Media Consolidation?

Numerous writers and analysts have argued that large media conglomerates' purchases of movie studios, magazines, and book publishing companies over the past four decades have had a deleterious effect on the quality of production in these media, because it forced... Read More

The Crash of Big-Government Conservatism

Recent polls show support for Republicans is still declining, and President Bush's approval ratings are the lowest for any president other than Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter in the past fifty years. The New York Times summed it up well... Read More

Pieties and Piss Christs

Western journalists and intellectuals' reaction to what the columnist Charles Krauthammer has called the "studied frenzy over the Danish Muhammed cartoons" in the Muslim world is by no means an isolated event, nor should it be a puzzling one. In... Read More

The Relevance of Romance

Historical romances are usually as much about contemporary times as about the past, and the new film The Legend of Zorro is a perfect example. Typically, historical romances center on the replacement of an unjust social and political order with... Read More

The Liberation of Art

The ultimate limitation on artistic achievement in any society is the imagination and technical ability of the artists. However, an additional limit is the ability of the economy to support it. The marketplace, after all, is an aesthetically and... Read More

Hurricane of Misinformation

One of the major techniques of modern politics is to take every important event and tie it to the back of one's own particular hobby horse. One of the more ludicrous examples was the utterly absurd claims that the... Read More

Phonies on the Family

Recent press reports have noted that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens is dissatisfied with the way the team's management has treated him. Owens stated that he would not play for the Eagles this year, and demanded a trade. The... Read More

Aid to Africa -- How to Do It Right

On Saturday, June 11, Reuters reported,   "The world's wealthiest countries agreed on Saturday to write off more than $40 billion of African debts."The deal struck by finance ministers from the Group of Eight industrialized nations is part of a... Read More

Playing Ball with Congress

The House Government Reform Committee's (GROC) steroid hearings yesterday were interesting on several levels. Congress has so much power, of course, (or has arrogated to itself so much power) that anything it does is inherently important. Then, adding celebrities t Read More

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