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'As a Monotheist and a Follower of Prophethood, I Admire Those Followers of Judaism'

Editor's note: TCS Contributor Stefania Lapenna recently spoke with Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, director of the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community and Secretary General of the Italian Muslim Assembly. He is also co-founder and co-chairman of the... Read More

Spy vs. Shy

"War is never the answer." That's the official motto of the world's left wing in response to the war on terror's military option. True to form, the Italian left has always advocated a "non-military" approach to the war on the... Read More

The Oriana Factor

Europe's economic decline is now well documented. But the Continent suffers from a more deadly disease, one the psychologists might call "lack of self-esteem". This comes to mind when certain countries make life unbearable for anti-Islamist freedom fighters such as Read More

Too Close for Comfort

As the April 9 date for Italy's national election approaches, candidates are focusing on a huge undecided vote -- as much as 50 percent of the electorate. For the first time ever, the two main candidates - current Prime Minister... Read More

The Comeback Kid

With elections just a few weeks away, strange new scenarios are unfolding in Italy - thanks largely to a major financial scandal that broke out at the end of 2005. Unlike previous scandals involving well-known alimentary companies such as Parmalat... Read More

Base Motives

Anti-Americanism in Italy has prompted the regional administration of Sardinia, an Italian island located just below Corsica, to pressure for the removal U.S. Naval Base in La Maddalena, an archipelago in the north of Sardinia. The debate that preceded this... Read More

The Fini Option

Italians are in the midst of one of the most exciting election campaigns in 60 years of democratic life. The ruling coalition, the House of Freedom, is trying to convince voters it deserves re-election to another five-year term. Winning will... Read More

A Farewell to Imams

Italy's recent crackdown on suspected terrorists led some analysts to wonder if the country is toughening its anti-terror policies, after years of lacking a serious strategy to deal effectively with the problem. It seems that at least this time... Read More

Mocked by Mullahs

Iran's recent move to resume its nuclear activities both defies the European Union's warnings and makes a mockery of the EU's diplomatic efforts in the Middle East. It is a defeat of Europe's policy toward the Islamic Republic. It demonstrated,... Read More

Europe's Enemy Within

Two weeks after the tragic bombings in London, the future doesn't look good for the UK or for Europe as a whole. Decades of tolerance toward a growing number of non-integrated Muslim immigrants have allowed extremists based in Europe to... Read More

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