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From Priest Abuse to Legal Abuse

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego recently declared bankruptcy, becoming the fifth and largest American diocese to initiate a bankruptcy proceeding in the face of massive tort lawsuits arising out of priest sex abuse allegations. No person of... Read More

The Fourth Great Assault on the Anglosphere

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to write a book that explicitly picks up where Nobel Prize winner Winston Churchill's famous History of the English-Speaking Peoples left off. In a provocative new book, A History of the English-Speaking... Read More

Law, Morality and a Just Wage

In a recent column, I discussed the theological requirement that faithful Catholics assent to the Church's Magisterium, that Catholics are obliged to defer to authoritative Church teaching on issues of faith and morals. This week, we turn to a... Read More

Cafeteria Catholicism and the Minimum Wage

When liberal Catholic politicians support abortion rights, conservatives are quick to accuse them of being cafeteria Catholics. When conservative Catholic politicians oppose increasing the minimum wage, liberals are quick to hurl the same accusation. The metaphor Read More

First, Kill All the Transactional Lawyers?

Transactional lawyers play a critical role in virtually all business transactions. But why is this so? The reason people hire litigators is obvious—either they are being sued or they want to sue somebody else. Unauthorized practice of law statutes... Read More

Building a Better Blogtrap

After a hiatus that lasted much longer than I expected, I recently returned to blogging with a new website design and, more importantly, a new philosophy about blogging.AMy old blog,, has been transformed into a landing page that serves... Read More

Is There 'No Obligation to Act'?

A recent report from the UK's Nuffield Council on Bioethics, Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues, concludes that "there are some circumstances in which imposing or continuing treatments to sustain a newborn baby's life results... Read More

The Holes in Holistic Admissions

No sooner had Michigan voters passed Proposition 2, which bans affirmative action by state institutions in education, employment, and contracting, than University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman went to the University's famous Diag to issue a defiant blast. Read More

Why Have a Board of Directors?

Fortune editor-at-large Justin Fox asks: "Why do companies have boards of directors, anyway?" Why aren't corporations run using "direct democracy—putting all major corporate decisions, including the choice of a new CEO, to a shareholder vote"? Or by "absolute corpo Read More

The Rite Move

For hundreds of years, the Latin Mass was a potent symbol of the Church Universal, which transcended nationality, ethnicity, culture, and language. The Latin Mass familiar to Catholics old enough to remember how worship was conducted before Vatican II was... Read More

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