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It's All Over But the Lawsuits

From where I sit, it looks like Bush is going to win. Of course, from where I sit, I can also see an empty martini glass and a scotch tumbler I've refilled at least twice. What did you expect... Read More

Democrats for Bush

Famously -- or perhaps infamously -- ABC's influential political blog The Note (fawning New Yorker magazine profile? Check.) claimed that "we still can't find a single American who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who is planning to vote... Read More

Safety First!

John Kerry and John Edwards promise to make America safer from the terrorists. In the first presidential debate, Kerry said, "I can make American safer than President Bush has made us. . . I believe America is safest and... Read More

Who Are These People?

Oh, sure, you've got your single-issue voters who simply can't be swayed. Pro-lifers will either vote Republican, or stay at home. Folks who support gay marriage as their One Big Thing will do the same, only for the Democrats.... Read More

There Is No Spoon

Watching Dan Rather twist in the breeze this last week was like watching the creepy little bald boy in The Matrix assure Neo: "There is no spoon." And reading Rather's defenders, you get the feeling they share Neo's quizzical... Read More

Culture Shock Cuts Both Ways

As Venezuela devolves into a Cuba with petrodollars, Americans are again worrying about the undue influence of Latin America on us norteamericanos. Compounding the problem is that, at least according to election observer and amateur carpenter Jimmy Carter, Venezue Read More

The Big Angry

Should George W. Bush win reelection, you know who is going to be pissed off the most? It won't the Deaniacs. It won't be (if you'll excuse the oxymoron) die-hard John Kerry supporters. It won't be gay activists, civil... Read More

Game Plan

Before 9/11, we almost always knew how to end a war. The Civil War? Beat the CSA on the field, and occupy all the choice bits of the South. The First World War? March on to Berlin. Of course,... Read More

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