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Shariah: Tutoring the Times

Dateline: Amsterdam On November 18, The New York Times published a reportage by Elaine Sciolino on Shariah, or Islamic religious law, and its presence in Britain. The text was a typical Times product: superficial, inaccurate, and soft on Islamist ideology.... Read More

Assassination and Revolution - A Pakistan Scenario?

Experts on Islam and Pakistan, some of them individuals known for their past competence, some merely graced with fancy titles, are now pressed, in Washington and around the world, to imagine the future of Pakistan after the atrocious slaying of Benazir... Read More

Euro-Imperialists: What Sarko and Putin Have in Common

Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Vladimir Putin in Moscow both project a strong profile against Islamist extremism. But "Sarko" is faced, as were his predecessors, by the permanent spectre of civil disorder in France, which seems more cultural and... Read More

Pakistan Bourgeois Breakthrough

These days Pakistan's dictator Pervez Musharraf may well be thinking in the manner of Shakespeare's character Dick the Butcher, who uttered the famous line in Henry IV, Part 2, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."... Read More

Bin Laden Looks for an Exit Strategy

Since 2001, each September we remember. Today, we first think of the frontline fighters in Iraq, Americans, Iraqis, and other members of the Coalition in combat, first against Saudi-incited, Wahhabi terrorism - miscalled a "Sunni insurgency."But none of us... Read More

Intifada High?

Until recently, New York City had been a pioneer in elementary and secondary public education in two ways - one good and one bad. It was among the first metropolitan school districts to modify the traditional split between academic... Read More

Who Is Responsible for the Mess in Mesopotamia?

Thomas Donnelly has pointed out one of many dissonant elements in mainstream media (MSM) coverage of the Iraq war. On Sunday, July 8, The New York Times editorial page stridently called for the U.S. to "leave Iraq, without any... Read More

The Myth of Muslim Silence; The Persistence of MSM Silence

"Muslim silence" in the face of terrorism has become a predictable cliché in Western discourse. It is now widely believed by non-Muslims throughout the West that no representative of the faith of Muhammad will denounce violence against Jews, Christians,... Read More

The Battle for the Mosque Broadens and Deepens

At the launching of the Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) two years ago, TCSDaily was one of the media institutions most supportive to our work, and I have therefore chosen this venue to present a balance sheet of CIP's... Read More

Confronting the Wahhabis

"The dogs bark, the caravan moves on." That Middle Eastern proverb could well describe the events surrounding production of the world's most-hyped dud firecracker, the Iraq Study Group Report. After immense agonies in the mainstream media (MSM), those like... Read More

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